Ceramic Artworks to
Raise Esteem and Employability


EU Programme: Erasmus+ KA2: Cooperation partnerships in youth
Reference: 2022-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000086755
Start date: 03/10/2022
End date: 02/08/2025

C.A.R.E. arises as a key opportunity for young people with visual impairment (V.I.P.) to unlock their potential as individuals, as artists, and as employees, through ceramic workshops and the enhancement of their psychomotor skills, as one of the foundations for development.

The project inevitably promotes social inclusion and aims at improving the outreach towards the Visually Impaired People (V.I.P.) and community and soon other people with physical special needs. It is only the starting point for the development of a combined education that will merge professional training, non-formal education and expertise in the specific disability, to eventually equip educational and training providers and organizations working with V.I.P. with new tools and methods to start ceramic workshops for the development of psychomotor skills and to involve V.I. learners in classes and workshops with able-bodied learners, thus fostering social inclusion, tolerance, mutual learning and the standardisation of a common education for all.


  • Increased levels of inclusion and diversity by improving the outreach to people with disabilities
  • Developed new skills and accumulated new knowledge, as well as recognized and transferred new good practices when working on employability with V.I.P. youth
  • Strengthened employability of young people, with key competencies and basic skills, including supporting their integration into the labour market
  • Increased self-autonomy and possibility to run the job and the relationships in young people with visual impairment in life.
  • Established ceramic workshops specifically tailored for young people with visual impairment who will raise their psychomotor skills such as movement, coordination, posture, manipulation and tactile sensations, dexterity, grace, strength, and speed.
  • Youth workers/educators/trainers (priority is given to those with fewer opportunities).
  • Young people with visual impairments.
  • Masters of ceramics, coming from associations of ceramic workshops, shops or professional training bodies.
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