Today’s business climate is more complex and more challenging than ever before. Even small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies face issues that historically affected only the largest international corporations. Internal and external stakeholders demand not only high performance, but also transparency into business operations.

Contemporary risks and requirements are numerous, ever changing, and fast to impact the organization. Use of third parties, both within the walls of the organization and as part of its outside supply chain, is broader and harder to manage. The variety, velocity, and volume of change, both within and outside of each organization is overwhelming. New regulations, business decisions, changing workforces, and evolving technologies are just a few of the many examples of expanding change. As a result, the cost of addressing risks and requirements while managing performance to achieve established objectives is spinning out of control.

To address this growing web of issues, forward-thinking organizations have adopted a vision of GRC- a point of view and approach to business that helps organizations reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with integrity. This enables performance while considering both threats and opportunities, while honoring mandatory commitments including legal compliance and voluntary promises found in statements of mission, vision and values, contracts, and employee agreements.

In other words, GRC is a system of people, processes & technology, that enables an organization to:

  •  Understand and prioritize stakeholder expectations
  •  Set business objectives that are congruent with values and risks
  •  Achieve objectives while optimizing risk profile and protecting value
  •  Operate within legal, contractual, internal, social and ethical boundaries
  •  Provide relevant, reliable and timely information to appropriate stakeholders
  •  Enable the measurement of the performance of the performance and effectiveness of the system

We are specialists in delivering bespoke GRC consulting and advisory services. We understand that each of governance, risk and compliance disciplines create information of value to the other two. Each involves the same technologies, people, processes and information, and that duplication of these efforts will not only significantly impact your operational costs, and it also prevents real-time compliance status reporting.

Our GRC services will help you to:

  •  Minimize risk by aggressively identifying and addressing potential risk.
  •  Strengthen compliance through regular audit and control monitoring activities.
  •  Increase profitability by reducing compliance costs.
  •  Enhance reputation by adhering to compliance requirements.

GRC doesn’t burden the business, it supports and improves it.

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