Who we are

Our philosophy focuses on minimizing cost, complexity and effort while enhancing effectiveness and value for our clients.

Our team of field experts provides high level enterprise-wide services to assist our clients in defining their business & organization-specific requirements, shape strategies & roadmaps, and move forward safely to implementation and integration. All of our team members are experienced business specialists with excellent professional and academic qualifications, certified to a Professional Level in their fields of expertise and proven history background.

We work and deliver on the majority of international or national standards, regulations and legislation, or individual customer guidelines. We use globally established Methodologies and Best Practices customized to meet each client’s specific business and operational specific and unique characteristics either in Local or Multinational level in the Private, Public or Government sector.

Our services are offered either as an Overall Program approach or in Single /Specific areas as required by each client. We also offer high level Program and Project Management as an invaluable embedded service in our portfolio.

We service customers in all European Union territory, the Balkan region as well as the Middle East covering the whole spectrum of business areas and general government organizations.

We work independently of any product (software or hardware) or market provider. Nevertheless we have an extensive network of carefully selected partners so that, if required, we can offer the best fit-for-purpose solutions in our clientele. We liaise and team with market vendors and providers to shape state-of-the-art but cost-effective solutions that will respond to our clients’ specific resilience strategies and requests.

Sigma Business Network (c) is a copyrighted marketing brand in EU.

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