2nd Transnational C.A.R.E. Project meeting

C.A.R.E.-Discover the latest updates from the 2nd Transnational Project meeting in Wexford, Ireland. Promotion the inclusion of visually impaired young individuals through the artistic approach and ceramic processing.

The European partners of CARE from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Poland and Ireland met in Wexford, Ireland on 7-8 June 2023 during the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting.

During the meeting, partners focused on:

  • The creation of a manual that outlines the implementation of ceramic courses to enhance the psychomotor skills of young individuals, with a particular emphasis on those who are visually impaired.
  • The organization of an international training program for youth workers who will then be involved in conducting practical ceramic workshops with visually impaired young people.
  • The organization of an international training program for visually impaired young individuals, affording them the chance to travel overseas and interact with their counterparts from different countries within the CARE partnership.


The meeting in Wexford served as an excellent opportunity to bolster cooperation among the partners and collaboratively design new activities. It reaffirmed their commitment to closely collaborate with young people and provide support in their personal growth and inclusive development through the non-formal approach of artistic practice and ceramics.

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