Security Management

Security Management Services – or, better, Societal Security Management Services – relate to (tangible or not) asset management, operations, information, physical & logical security, environmental and human resource safety related functions. They entail the identification and evaluation of an organization’s assets & operational activities, the development, documentation and adoption of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines as well as the implementation of certain measures and controls.

Our Security approach (whether it relates to HQs or infrastructure Physical Security or Information Systems or Logistics Operations or Human Resources) integrates a range of interconnected disciplines including asset protection, security, risk management, preparedness, incident management, crisis management, emergency management, business continuity & disaster & recovery management.


Following all related international standards, good practice guidelines and regulatory rules, we support organizations achieve individual, multi-organizational and societal sustainability and resilience by utilizing their efforts & resources under the following pillars

  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Management
  • Monitor & control
  • Response
  • Recovery


Improved management, information control & sharing, interoperability and coordinated planning are also key components of our methodology & project approach.

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