Solutions & Services

Our team of field experts provides high level enterprise-wide services to assist our clients in defining their business & organization-specific requirements, shape strategies & roadmaps, and move forward safely to implementation and integration.

Accreditation Services

We can assist your organization in achieving and maintaining readiness for any survey and developing a full understanding of the intent of any set of standards and the applicability in your unique environment

Business Continuity

Our approach involves a series of actions and initiatives to create a solid Business Continuity Response Capability, to ensure continuity of a firm’s key operations in the event of an incident, disaster, emergency or threat

Crisis Management

Crisis Management is a discipline consisting of skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand, and cope with a serious situation, from the moment it first occurs to the point that recovery procedures start.

Digital Transformation for SMEs

SIGMA can help you learn how to make use of the opportunities provided by digital transformation and actively deal with the risks involved.

GDPR: Comply in Control

Comply with the GDPR through a smooth and controlled approach by following our “Six-Steps Comply-in-Control” methodology.


GRC as an acronym, denotes Governance, Risk, and Compliance. GRC is the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. We help and guide organizations to develop and implement these capabilities, which should integrate the governance, management and assurance, of performance, risk and compliance activities.

Operational Risk Management

It is our belief that Risk Management application should create value for our clients by openly addressing uncertainties and should be done in a tailor-made approach to match the characteristics of each business

Resilience Management for SMEs

CASSANDRA methodology is here to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) manage their risks and enhance their Resilience and Continuity.

Security Management

Societal Security Management Services – relate to asset management, operations, information, physical & logical security, environmental and human resource safety related functions

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