Research and Innovation are two very important areas of our operations and integral part of our business approach.

SIGMA has managed numerous consulting engagements and delivered several projects in Business Resilience, Operational Risk Management, Continuity, Information Security, Incident, Crisis and Emergency Response Management, across several countries under different cultures, in corporations & industries of all sizes in Europe, the Balkans, Middle East and Asia.

Capitalizing this experience and expertise, SIGMA is continuously involved as a project partner and/or coordinator in various initiatives, especially in SMEs-oriented fields.

Areas as Risk Management, Business Governance and Resilience remain in the center of these efforts, aiming to increase competitiveness and sustainability of the organizations. To this, SIGMA develops strategic synergies and partnerships with both local and international entities, whether research organizations, industries, solution providers, associations and networking organizations or clients.

We invest in research and development projects, creating new methodologies, new products, services, solutions and approaches to the benefit of each and all organizations, our business partners and clients and of course the society we are members of.

SIGMA is a proud partner and member of several leading associations and networking organizations as:

Indicative Research and Innovation projects that SIGMA invested and participated in the previous years include initiatives as those in the following list:

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