Resilience Management for SMEs

CASSANDRA Resilience Management

Continuity And Security for SMEs Active in Neutralizing Dangers and Risks affecting their Activities


cassandraSmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Business Services sector frequently face the challenge to identify business risks and threats from their very early stage. Often, they lack the required knowledge, competence and background that would help them build their necessary resilience to risks. This is where  EU-funded “CASSANDRA” comes into play.

SIMGA team joined with other 5 companies and organizations form other EU countries and prepared a state-of-the-art Methodology for Resilience Management supported by Three Unique Products.


The Products

CASSANDRA main outcome is a state-of-the-art Methodology to deal with Risk, Security and Continuity. This is supported by three key products, “Quick Check”, an “Online Course” and a “Guide”

Quick Check


The Quick Check is designed to raise the awareness of SMEs on potential business risks and the different areas of risk management. With the tool, SMEs can analyze possible risks and threats “on the job” and take initial steps to improve their risk management.


Online Course

T2.he online course gives specific knowledge on all aspects of risk management of SMEs of the Business Services sector. This includes standards of risk management, information on business continuity management and information on the structure and optimization of the company’s information security system. The goal of this online training is that SMEs transfer the learned methods in their daily business activity and implement them in practice. In addition to the online training, individual training materials have been developed (e. g. the online guide).



The Guide is a book that is addressed to employees of SMEs of Business Services sector and provides specific theoretical and fully practical knowledge on deploying Resilience Management in their firms, by combining principles related to Risk Management, Information Security Management and Business Continuity Management.

The Guide aims to be fully practical and provides specific templates and ready-to-use material, as well as a step-by-step guidance through the unique Cassandra Methodology on how the principles of the three management systems can be used to support the stability and resilience of SMEs in their present and future.

Free to access and use

CASSANDRA products are free to everybody to access and use them to enhance the Resilience of his/her organization. Though it namely focuses on SMEs, CASSANDRA methodology applies to all firms and kinds of businesses of ALL SECTORS.
Final methodology and all the deliverables and material will be available free of charge to anyone by the end of August 2017 in 5 languages, English, Greek, German, Italian and Czech.

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