Digital Transformation for SMEs

Digital Transformation!

How we can support your journey of transforming into a great SME company!

European (and not only) SMEs, particularly those in the Services Sector, will be able to prepare themselves for their digital transformation utilizing this unique approach. While being in full control of the necessary strategic and operational changes required, they may initiate the transformation implementation (on a step-by-step approached) keeping it as part of the day-to-day business operations.

The methodology and tools we are offering for learning, planning and implementation management, will help SMEs teams understand the opportunities and risks of digital transformation. By developing and implementing a fully individual and fit-for-purpose strategy they will be able to sustainably manage the changes and improve their performance, competitiveness and productivity.


The Products

Tool’s flagship is a state-of-the-art Methodology to deal with the Digital Transformation trip of an SME. Starting with a quick check and finding out where their company stands at the moment. Following this, they may use our step-by-step instructions and develop a strategy for the digital transformation of the company and learn more about the technological developments that are changing our business world. They can benefit most from these three offers by putting them into practice directly on the job and dealing with the current strategic challenges their company meets.

Quick Check

Where is my company at the moment? Check in a few minutes to what extent your company is prepared for the digital transformation.

Are you already familiar with new digital technologies and making use of them? Are you aware of how much know-how you need, for example, in the area of change management in order to successfully accompany a digital process of transformation in your company?

Driving Forces that Change the World

Blockchain, Big Data and much more – a short and understandable explanation. Dive into the exciting world of technological developments. Depending on your interests, pick out one of the following learning modules – it may well surprise you!


Digital Transformation

Step-by-Step. Materials for learning, planning and implementing your own individual and customized strategy. How should you proceed?

Start with “Your Digital Transformation, Part 1”.  You will get foundational knowledge for your effort here. “Your Digital Transformation, Part 2” follows from this point on. This learning module guides you, one step at a time, from your current state analysis to defining the new digital strategies for your company. The learning modules have all been designed in such a way that they can also be studied and used effectively. This means that you could also begin by diving into the topics that are currently of most interest to you.


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