TrustArc introduces All-in-One GDPR Privacy Compliance Package for Cloud-Based Services

Our Business Partner, TrustArc, the leading data privacy management company, announced on December 12, 2018 the launching of a privacy compliance validation package to help cloud companies meet and demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR.

Solution combines TrustArc Privacy Platform with GDPR Validation Service to help cloud companies manage and demonstrate ongoing compliance.

New privacy regulations like GDPR require companies to make significant changes to their privacy program in order to avoid potential fines and lost business. Some key changes include:

  • Maintaining ongoing compliance vs. point-in-time reviews
  • Producing compliance reports and audit trails
  • Demonstrating compliance to customers and partners

Achieving GDPR compliance has been difficult for many companies according to research published by Dimensional Research and TrustArc.

“The TrustArc Privacy Compliance Package helps companies by addressing a broad range of needs,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “The solution provides both technology and expertise to help companies achieve and demonstrate ongoing compliance, which is critical to maintaining trust and reducing compliance risk.”

The TrustArc Cloud Privacy Compliance Package streamlines the compliance process, enabling companies to more easily develop a plan, implement controls, and demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR.

The package includes:

  • TrustArc Privacy Platform
  • TrustArc GDPR Validation
  • TrustArc Expert Resources

Do contact us for more details.

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