The RES-Food Methodological Framework – is now completed!

The project partners have completed the framework document and it’s time for pilot testing, by target groups representatives, who will have the opportunity to provide their opinions and evaluations on this project result.

What is special about the ReS-Food methodological framework?

The ReS-Food Methodological Framework represents the second result arising from the RES-FOOD project. It comprises a structured, three-dimensional, step-by-step framework designed to oversee the entire food rescue process from start to finish. The various dimensions of the ReS-Food Methodological Framework serve to aid businesses and organizations in minimizing food loss and waste, as well as to support humanitarian organizations involved in the distribution of donated food.


The primary objectives of this framework include the following:

  • Identifying and communicating with surplus food producers,
  • Establishing quality acceptance criteria for different food categories, and
  • Specifying the logistical support needed for the collection and distribution of food.



Finally, the ReS-Food Methodology Framework offers a fascinating structured a approach to combat food loss and waste. It involves assessing current practices, setting measurable goals, preventing waste, managing food donations, building capacity, and promoting transparency through communication. This framework helps organizations reduce waste, improve food distribution efficiency, and contribute to sustainability and humanitarian goals!

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