The 3rd Transnational Project meeting of the TIMS Erasmus+

The 3rd Transnational Project meeting of the TIMS Erasmus+ KA220 Project was held in Athens from 04 to 05 April 2023. The meeting took place at the premises of SIGMA, and it brought together all partners involved in the project, including ISQ, SIGMA, KVLAB, ISCN, and SMIRDA. A total of 12 experts representing each partner attended the meeting, making it a productive and collaborative gathering.

During the meeting, several important topics were discussed, contributing to the advancement of the TIMS project and its objectives. The first item on the agenda was the presentation of Quality management. Participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies for ensuring the highest quality standards in all project activities. This discussion aimed to guarantee that the project outcomes meet the expectations and requirements set forth by the Erasmus+ program.

Another significant highlight of the meeting was the presentation of R1 – TIMS SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR INNOVATION. This innovative tool aims to assess and enhance the innovation capacity of organizations participating in the TIMS project. The experts shared their insights and feedback, providing valuable input for the tool’s further development and refinement.

Furthermore, the presentation of R2 – TIMS COMPETENCE MATRIX & MICRO-CREDENTIALS sparked engaging discussions among the attendees. This component of the project focuses on developing a competency framework and micro-credentials to recognize and validate the skills and knowledge acquired by individuals participating in the TIMS program. The partners shared their progress, challenges, and potential solutions in implementing this important aspect of the project.

The meeting also addressed the presentation of the project’s website, The website serves as a hub of information and resources for project stakeholders and the general public. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive content were well-received by the attendees, who provided valuable suggestions for further enhancements and updates.

Lastly, the partners discussed the progress of dissemination activities. Dissemination plays a crucial role in sharing project results, best practices, and lessons learned with a wider audience. The meeting provided an opportunity for partners to share their dissemination strategies, exchange successful practices, and explore new avenues for reaching out to various target groups.

Overall, the 3rd Transnational Project meeting of the TIMS Erasmus+ KA220 Project in Athens was a productive and fruitful gathering. The presentations and discussions on quality management, the self-assessment tool for innovation, the competence matrix and micro-credentials, the project website, and dissemination progress all contributed to advancing the project’s objectives. The active participation of all partners and the exchange of expertise and insights have set a strong foundation for the successful implementation of the TIMS project moving forward.

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