A services organization managing the continuity of its operations


Public Sector | Services

Business Area:

Continuity Program Management

The customer:

A unique services organization with more than 6.000 point of sales nation-wide requiring an 18×7 business environment, and with more than 50% of the population as customers, recognized the complexity of managing the continuity of its operations.

The necessity:

When this unique and regulated organization placed its shares in the local stock exchange, it had to address the requirement to certify that its operations resilience and continuity best practices application were well integrated into its usual daily operations.

The solution:

An 18 months consulting project was launched to build-up state-of-the-art and best-fit approaches, strategies, policies, procedures and operational preparation in place, to ensure that safe environment was available to support technical contingencies. The project included also the delivery of organization-wide consulting services covering all areas of Business Continuity as defined by International Standards & Practices.

Our services included:

  • Current Status In-depth Assessment (inclusive of Operations, Processes and Technology status compliance with Standards, Regulations and Best Practices)
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Policies Preparation (BC Policy, Security Policy etc.) and Implementation
  • Supportive actions for Policies Implementation (set-up of procedures, processes, roles & responsibilities etc.
  • Business Continuity Strategies & Planning
  • Business Continuity Plan & Resiliences preparation
  • Training and Awareness : deployment strategy definition and implementation.
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