Integrated program on compliance status for producer of lubricants



Business Area:

Emergency Operations Planning

The customer:

Globaly recognized producer of lubricants & trader of petroleum products

The necessity:

In order to conform to the state regulations and requirements regarding an Oil Tank Storage site, the company instructed for an integrated program on its compliance status.

The solution:

Our work included the following:

  • Risk Assessment and Impact Analysis
  • Development of the emergency operation plans
  • Study on the environmental, health and safety preparedness of the site
  • Development of the EHS Management System
  • Development of the required study & deliverables towards the State and European Union permits (Seveso II) for large-scale industrial accidents, and according to the Seveso II guidelines.

Moreover the result of our work was submitted and approved by the State EHS Regulator in order to provide our client with an Operational Permit.

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