Extensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan for banking institution


Financial Services

Business Area:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for Mission Critical Operations

The customer:

One of the largest banking institutions in its market needed to develop an extensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan for one of its most critical operations department and infrastructure.

The necessity:

The management of the bank was determined to confirm that both business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place could effectively address the current realities and business requirements and assure customers that all possible measures were taken in order that a high level of service was maintained.

The solution:

The project included strategies definitions and customization to meet the bank’s specific requirements and continuity policies. Teams with clear role definitions were created and tuned against best practice models. Additionally, an extensive response process timeline, detailing the sequence and dependencies of tasks and actions for each individual and role, for all teams, covering all areas of BC response, from the initial alarm to the return-to-normal operational status was developed and delivered. Personnel responsibilities were defined, covering all areas, from PR and legal to logistics and HR issues support. Finally, an extended plan documentation and integration with the IT system was also part of this project.

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