Emergency Communications Planning System of Oil Refinery


Energy Sector | Oil & Gas

Business Area:

Operations Risk Management | Emergency Notification System

The customer:

One of the largest oil refineries in its market.

The necessity:

The management of the company decided to run an integrated program to ensure the effectiveness of its Emergency Communications Planning System.

The solution:

An initial consulting project helped us to assess the infrastructure, accurately prepare the needs analysis report and deliver the specifications for the implementation of an integrated Emergency Communications Operations system. The project included also the preparation of various response plans for each crisis scenario. Moreover, appropriate SOPs were developed to support the Communication and Notification chains.

Following this, we designed the specifications and managed the project of the implementation of an Integrated Technology Solution to support the Emergency Notification Response. Upon completion of the implementation, the set-up and the roll-out of the system, an extended training of the personnel of the refinery took place. Additionally, a number of exercises ensured the integrity and operational capability of the System implemented.

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