Res-Food Erasmus+ Project: A Vital Project with a Positive Impact.

The transnational kick-off meeting of Res-Food Project took place in Athens on 23-24 of February 2023 and was hosted by Sigma, with participants from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Cyprus. The project focuses on reducing surplus food and promoting food donations.
The meeting started with a welcome from the project coordinator, who presented the participants with the agenda for the two days. The first day was dedicated to presentations on the project work packages, key project challenges and quality assurance, followed by opportunities for discussion and brainstorming. Participants shared their experiences, challenges as well as best practices for successful project implementation.

One of the highlights of the second day was the presentation of the SIGMA-led kick-off activities to assess the current status of surplus food and food donations at the European level.

In conclusion, the two-day meeting on the Erasmus+ Res-Food transnational project was a great success. The participants spent a constructive time together, learning a lot from each other, which is very important to ensure the success of the project in the future. This project is an excellent example of the power of international cooperation to address global challenges.


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