Questionnaire for Innovation Management and Interview Experts’

In the context of the Project TIMS, we conduct a Europe-wide online Assessment and an Interview for Experts by utilizing questionnaires on Innovation Management, targeting mainly SMEs regarding risks, opportunities, and challenges.

If you are SME, please, answer here: Online Europe-wide Assessment (

If you are Innovation Manager, please, answer here: Innovation Management Experts’ Interviews (

We would like you to spare some of your time (about 15 minutes) to answer these questionnaires, and your answers will remain Anonymous. The collected questionnaires will be analysed, and results will be used to help our team through this ΚΑ220 Erasmus+ project to formulate a methodology that will be assisting SMEs for their Innovation Management.

We do thank you for your participation and contribution on this important initiative!

October 27th, 2023

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