Progress Report: Digitability Advances into the External Testing Phase

Digitability is making significant strides as it enters the external testing phase of its educational package. With the aim of collecting 90 responses through an online questionnaire, the team is disseminating the process to individuals closely aligned with the project’s target groups.
The input from external testers is important in refining the course and ensuring the accessibility of digital skills to all. The questionnaire is designed to solicit detailed feedback on each chapter of the course, thereby guaranteeing clarity, utility, and effectiveness in the information provided within the educational package.
As Digitability progresses through this critical phase, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities and equipping VET providers with the necessary tools to foster a more inclusive workforce ecosystem.
Stay tuned for further updates as Digitability continues its journey towards a future where barriers to inclusion are dismantled.

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