PRO.D.I.G.Y Erasmus+ Project: A Successful Kick-off Meeting Sets the Stage for Future Success

As a part of the PRO.D.I.G.Y Erasmus+ project, we are excited to share the success of our recent kick-off meeting. The general objective of the PRODIGY project that we would like to achieve is to promote the use and adoption of AR/VR solutions to assist disabled people, first responders and companies during workplace emergencies to increase the safety of people with disabilities. Acquired Emergency Preparedness Training would offer people and companies ways to prepare and be protected during unexpected workplace emergencies.

The PRODIGY project brings together 7 partners from 5 countries: Greece, Italy, Poland, Croatia, and Cyprus. Each partner brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, and expertise to the project. The partners are:

  1. University of Social Sciences (Poland) – project coordinator
  4. FRAME (Poland)
  7. E.G. EUGENE GLOBAL LTD (Cyprus)



The PRODIGY Kick-off Meeting – Overview and Objectives

The PRODIGY kick-off meeting was held virtually on 09th March 2023. The meeting aimed to introduce the partners to each other, provide an overview of the project, clarify roles and responsibilities, and establish communication channels.


The meeting was attended by representatives from all partners and was facilitated by the project coordinator. The meeting was interactive, and partners had an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and make suggestions.


Key Takeaways from the PRODIGY Kick-off Meeting

The PRODIGY kick-off meeting was a success, and the partners achieved the meeting objectives. The following are some key takeaways from the meeting:

  1. The partners are committed to the project’s objectives and are willing to collaborate to achieve the project’s goals.
  2. Effective communication and collaboration are critical to the project’s success, and partners have agreed to establish communication channels and protocols.
  3. The partners have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and there is a shared vision for the project.
  4. The project methodology and approach have been agreed upon, and there is a shared understanding of the project’s deliverables, timelines, and risks.
  5. The partners have identified potential risks and developed risk management strategies.


Future Plans and Goals for the PRODIGY Project

The next steps of the project include the preparation of a State Αnalysis Report on the current state of emergency preparedness in the EU based on the national assessments to be carried out by the partners. The partners will work closely together to ensure that the outputs meet the project objectives and are of high quality.



If you are interested in learning more about the PRODIGY Erasmus+ project you can visit the website of the programme:

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