Presentation of SMEnergy Project

A conference titled “Precision Agriculture: the Use of Drones and Other Technologies in Agriculture” was hosted in Filiatra, Greece, on 20th of December, 2023. The event, attended by 70 participants, focused on the innovative integration of technology in farming.

In addition to other projects, SIGMA highlighted the SMEnergy Project and shared its outcomes.

The key results included:

A.      Methodological framework for implementation (PR1) that will provide a systematic step-by-step process helping target group to decrease their energy footprint.

B.      Self-Rate Tool (PR2) for effectively assessing the current status of a company in relation to the consumption of Energy and the related footprint.

C.      Course / curriculum – Design and development of a Learning Course (PR3) that will cover the whole spectrum of Energy Footprint in relation to SMEs.

D.      Open Education Resource (OER) – An Online Platform (PR4), which will include and host interactively all the above.

Most of participants showed their interest for the Self-Rate Tool (PR2).

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