Presentation of Advance Project

In Filiatra, Greece, hosted an event for Agricultures, on the 20th of December,2023. This conference titled “Precision Agriculture: the Use of Drones and Other Technologies in Agriculture” and included among others the results of Advance Project. In this event, took place 70 participants, focused on the innovative integration of technology in farming.

The participants who took part in the event were from the municipalities of the region and many of them from the food production sector. SIGMA presented the Advance project which deals with food waste and they showed great interest.

The results of the Advance Project presented were:

  • Baseline assessment (PR1) of the current waste food waste managementpractices in Municipalities and HORECA SMEs – the baseline assessment will also include benchmarking to existing bestpractices in EU.
  • Gap Analysis methodology and tool (PR2) between current and required, according to the EU targets,waste management practices relevant to food waste. The main outcome of the Gap Analysis will be the Circularity GapIndicators that could be used in other cases too. These indicators concern both the municipalities involved and theHORECA SMEs that will participate in the program.
  • Development of a Roadmap (PR3) – Design and development of astep-by-step methodological framework for implementing the food waste targets. The Roadmaps will be developed in twodifferent types, one for Municipalities and one for HORECA SMEs. A special part of the Roadmaps will be to demonstratehow Industry 4.0 can help municipalities and SMEs to achieve better food waste management and advance food waste The Roadmap will be established on the outcomes of PR1 and PR2 and it will use the Circularity GapIndicators as its main tool to guide the required steps.
  • ADVANCE Course (PR4) – Creation of a training material broken
    down into certain learning modules for waste management adopted to the needs of target groups
  • Open EducationResource (OER) – An Online Platform (PR5), which will include and host interactively all the above
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