Online survey for the implementations of ‘Digitalisation – Strategy Development Tool” for the “Digitalisation of SMEs” project

Digitalization for SMEs” is an Erasmus+ EU project, that SIGMA is a proud participant. Our project partners come from Italy, Germany, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece. “Digitalization” project aims to sensitize, guide and support SMEs thought their digital transformation journey. A freely available learning tool will be developed.

In order to identify opportunities and challenges, risks and skills gaps regarding to digitalization, project team developed an online survey, a diagnostic tool, that you can also use it as personal assessments in regards to digitalization.

To participate in our on live survey click here.

We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity of the information collected, which will be used solely for the purpose of analysis for the aforementioned project analysis purpose.

Survey will be closed on 9/2/2018

Thank you for your support!

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