ISO 37101 Management Systems for Sustainable Development in Communities

ISO 37101 is a globally recognised standard that provides guidelines and requirements to help organisations efficiently manage sustainable development goals (SDGs) and cultivate a culture of sustainability. By implementing a Sustainable Development Management System (SDMS) in accordance with ISO 37101, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, establish trust with stakeholders, and contribute to the worldwide agenda of sustainable development. The standard also advocates for a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging organisations to regularly evaluate and enhance their SDMS to address evolving sustainability challenges and best practices. Attain the competence and certification necessary to thrive and augment your organisation’s contribution to sustainable development.


Main Benefits of gaining ISO 37101 certification:

  • Enhance the organisation’s reputation and build trust with stakeholders through a commitment to sustainable development
  • Demonstrate a proactive approach to managing sustainable development goals and complying with relevant sustainability standards
  • Improve the ability to address sustainability challenges, reducing the environmental impact and contributing to social and economic well-being
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement for sustainable development management


In conclusion, obtaining ISO 37101 certification brings numerous benefits to organisations, including reputation enhancement, a clear commitment to sustainable practices, improved management of sustainable development goals, and promoting a culture dedicated to continual improvement in sustainable development management. Elevate your organisation’s contribution to sustainability and gain a competitive advantage with ISO 37101 certification.

ISO 37101 Lead Auditor
Develop a thorough understanding of the management system audit process, approaches, and techniques used in ISO 37101 management system audits.
5 days
ISO 37101 Lead Implementer
Help communities develop in a sustainable way through the implementation of a management system based on ISO 37101.
5 days
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