Introducing Our Third Newsletter: Progress in Digital Accessibility

We are excited to share the third edition of our newsletter, highlighting significant advancements in the “Digitability” project.

Key Achievements

In 2023, the “DIGITABILITY” project has made impressive progress, including:

– State Analysis Research: Conducted in each participating country.

– Training Modules: Developed to directly address our target groups’ needs.

These efforts aim to expand knowledge and skills, facilitating easier access to the labor market.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 16, 2024, marked the 13th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The GAAD Foundation promotes digital accessibility, ensuring people with disabilities can use digital applications independently.

What to expect

The Digitability Consortium is finalizing the State Analysis Report and testing educational materials. Next, we will finalize a certification process for the DIGITABILITY E-learning Platform, recognizing and validating users’ accessibility-related competencies.

Excited? Us too! Keep your eyes open for more updates and the grand unveiling of Digitability’s transformative research and training materials.

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