Farms Risk Management to Enhance Resilience

Duration: 2022-2024


About FARMER – Website

The agri-food sector is one of the largest economic sectors in EU with approximately 12 million farmers employed, and about half of EU land territory dedicated to farming. Farmers all across Europe deal with risks and make decisions every day that affect their farming operations. They are on a standard basis exposed to threats and uncertainties and as a result they cannot in several cases understand, assess, and effectively manage them. FaRMeR will develop a FaRMER Resilience Framework – Risk Management Methodology (a rigorous and holistic methodology) for assessing and managing agricultural risks taking into consideration the special context of EU countries and especially in rural and remote areas. The methodology addresses the baseline theory and provides an implementation process for any Farmer to deploy risk management in their business. Furthermore, a FARMER Course – training curriculum divided into individual learning modules (Threat Identification, Risk Management Strategy and Risk Management Policy) will be developed, covering the whole spectrum of knowledge and competence on Risk Management in Agriculture operations and management as well as the use of digital tools to control and ultimately mitigate risks. Finally, in order to encompass all the results and training content the FaRMeR Online Platform will be developed, ensuring that the content is easily available in a single location and accessed by target groups on an individual basis.


FARMER By Numbers

Approximately 80 farmers will directly benefit from testing the implementation of the FaRMeR Resilience Framework.
Three Farms will apply on business the Framework during the Pilot Study.
The transnational nature of the project will ensure that the FaRMeR project is promoted and adapted in 4 European countries.
The FaRMER project will be supported by ten Associated Partners.
An estimated 25 Agricultural Consultants will benefit from the project results.


Our role in the project

SIGMA will be the Quality Management leader of the Project ensuring that all outputs will be of high quality meeting the requirements of the target group. SIGMA will be the leader of the Project Result 2 – Farmer Resilience Framework – a methodology that will help farmers adopt a methodology for managing their risk ecosystem.

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