Advancing MuNicipal Circular Economy

Duration: 2022-2024



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Waste management remains one of the key unresolved issues in the EU, with only 38% of the EU’s total municipal solid waste being recycled. In the main actors playing a crucial role on being in charge of waste collection, sorting and recycling are the EU municipalities, as well as a large part SMEs e.g. Restaurants, Hotels, CafĂ© etc., seems to have a large gap of knowledge and training for reaching certain goals. ADVANCE will develop a Baseline assessment of the current waste food waste management practices in Municipalities and HORECA SMEs as well as as well as a benchmarking to existing best practices in EU. Furthermore, a Gap Analysis methodology and tool will be developed, including waste management practices relevant to food waste. Development of a Roadmap will be structured, providing the design and the development of a step-by-step methodological framework for implementing the food waste targets. In addition, a ADVANCE Course will be developed, covering certain learning modules for waste management adopted to the needs of target groups. Finally, in order to encompass all the results and training content the ADVANCE Online Platform (Open Education Resource) will be developed, including and interactively hosting all of the above.



SMEs operating in the sector of municipal waste management and Horeca SMEs will gain a new concept for Municipal Circular Economy (CE) especially designed for their type of business and the size of their business and will also gain properly sensitised and skilled employees on implementing the good practices of waste management in their business.
Target groups will have access to interactive, free and work-based training material and tools on CE which will lead to become friendlier to the environment and saving money, due to the resources reusing.
VET providers and trainers will acquire knowledge required in order to include the Municipal CE in their course offerings.
Advance will offer a unique and innovative training product, having the ability to affect positively many generations of manufacturers. enhancing key competences in VET curricula.
Local communities, municipalities and cities will contribute to project results’ dissemination to ensure accountability and responses to market challenges exchanging of good models or tools to be implemented transnationally in Europe.

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