Farmer Multiplier Event

On December 20, 2023, Filiatra, Greece, hosted a conference titled “Precision Agriculture: the Use of Drones and Other Technologies in Agriculture.” The event, attended by 70 participants, focused on the innovative integration of technology in farming.

The conference, a collaboration between SIGMA and the Agricultural University of Athens, presented among others the results of the Farmer project. A key feature of the event was the introduction of an educational platform for farmers. This platform is designed to teach farmers about implementing Risk Management measures and preparing for potential disasters, crucial in today’s rapidly changing agricultural landscape.

The results of the Farmer Project presented were:


  1. Development of Self-Evaluation Tool for assessing Farmers’ overall competence capability and skills on understanding, assessing and managing risks.
  2. FARMER Course – Curriculum broken down into certain learning modules, covering the whole spectrum of knowledge and competence on Risk Management in Agriculture operations and management.
  3. Preparation of a Risk Management Methodology and process that target groups can follow to effectively handle threats and uncertainties and successfully manage their risks.
  4. Development of FARMER Online Platform in order to have the training content from the above results organized in a single location and accessed by target groups on an individual basis.
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