FaRMER Kick-Off Meeting in Novi-Sad, Serbia

On 7th and 8th of June 2022, Sigma Business Network, a partner of the “FARMER- Farms Risk Management to Enhance Resilience” project, participated in the official Kick-Off meeting held in Novi-Sad, Serbia and hosted by our partner Food Scale Hub.

The outcome of this two-year (2022-2024) project – funded by EU Erasmus+ “Strategic Partnership” program – is the preparation of a learning package and methodology to support Farmers better manage and handle their risk ecosystem with a view to a more resilient future for them and their business.

During these two-days, all project participants worked extensively on the Project Management, the progress of the 1st Project Result “Score My Resilience” Tool and the 2nd Project Result “Farmer Resilience Framework” as well as the Farmer Website content, form, look and feel, as the site will be officially rolled-out the following days.

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