Empowering Inclusion: Unveiling the DIGITABILITY Project

On March 14, 2024, Athens hosted a Multiplier Event for the TIMS Erasmus+ Project, where Sigma Business Network unveiled the DIGITABILITY project to 25 participants. The event provided stakeholders with insights into DIGITABILITY ‘s vision, objectives, and anticipated deliverables, culminating in the unveiling of the project’s website.

The presentation’s key feature was the expression of DIGITABILITY’s focus on promoting digital resilience and adaptability. The project seeks to bridge the digital divide through targeted training courses, certifications, and an open-access e-learning platform. By empowering individuals with disabilities and equipping VET providers with the necessary tools, the project aims to foster a more inclusive workforce ecosystem.

As DIGITABILITY gains momentum, it invites us to embrace a future where diversity is celebrated, and barriers to inclusion are dismantled.

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