Digitalization Multiplier Event takes place in Athens

SIGMA Business Network organized and successfully hosted its 2nd Multiplier Event for the Digital Transformation for SMEs Project, that took place at Titania Hotel in Athens on Thursday 03/10/2019.

The Event agenda included:

  • An overview of the “Digitalization” project
  • The benefits and challenges of using the “Digitalization” concept
  • A brief look into the “On-line Tools” (intellectual outputs) of “Digitalization”
  • Individual testing of the “Digitalization” outputs

Representatives from small and medium enterprises that attended the event had the chance to actively participate in an open discussion together with SIGMA team on the subject as well as on their key concerns related to the SME Business Services sector and the digital transformation necessity.

Following the event, participants had the chance to access, use and test the tool online at its current version status, with the guidance of experienced consultants.

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