Business Continuity: Multiplier event for the EU funded Continuity Project


On Tuesday 28th November 2023, SIGMA hosted a successful multiplier event for the EU funded, Continuity Project which aims to enhance the skills and competencies of SMEs in the field of business continuity and resilience. The event took place at SIGMA Offices in Athens.

The event agenda included:

– An overview of the Continuity Project and its objectives

– Discussion on the benefits and challenges of implementing business continuity and resilience strategies in SMEs

– A brief look into the online tools developed by the Continuity Project to support SMEs in this process

– Individual testing of the online tools by the participants



Representatives from small and medium enterprises who attended the event had the chance to actively participate in an open discussion with SIGMA team experts on the subject and resolve their key concerns related to business continuity and resilience practicalities. They also had the opportunity to network with other SMEs and stakeholders and learn from their experiences and best practices.

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