ADVANCE – Second Transnational Meeting in Cyprus

The 2nd transnational meeting of the EU project “ADVANCE – Advancing Municipal Circular Economy” was hosted by EUGENE GLOBAL LTD in Cyprus on October 6-7, 2022.

During the two days of the meeting and following the welcome of the participating partners by the Project Coordinator NTUA, the participants reviewed the progress of the main vertical and horizontal activities of the project.

On the first day the partners discussed the main elements of the surveys conducted in households, municipalities and HORECA SME’s, and the requirements regarding the evaluation of the current waste management assessment. All partners agreed that the baseline assessment should be based on the results of the above local best practice driven surveys (PR1).

The participants also discussed the challenges and weaknesses as stated by the target groups and decided to define their structure and content in the next transnational meeting (PR2).

As a last subject of the first day, the existing methodologies on SMEs regarding food waste management (PR3) were presented and reviewed.

The second day started with SIGMA presenting the factors of food waste management that need to be considered, and the basic methodological framework of the assessment.

The following topics addressed were the description of the main objectives that the Curriculum aspires to achieve (PR4) and the presentation of the main features of the training platform (PR5).

The next meeting topic was an update on the development of the horizontal activities, such as project management issues.

Last, the partners scheduled the next online meeting ad voted on the evaluation of the current meeting and its results.

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