A partnership we are proud of: BCI’s 25th Anniversary – Thank you BCI!

2019 marks the Business Continuity Institute’s 25th Anniversary!

In SIMGA we are proud and honoured to be BCI’s Members as professionals and Partner as a company since Institute’s very early days!

Formed in 1984 out of the Survive organisation, BCI is the world’s leading Institute to promote Business Continuity and Resilience. BCI’s contribution to Resilience & Continuity industry has been more than outstanding all these years, creating real benefits for any kind or organisations, whether public or private, whether a company or a state, for all people whether professionals or just society members!

Listed below are some of the Institute’s key milestones from 1994 to 2019:

1994 – The BCI was formed in 1994 out of the Survive organization and was initially managed by John Marsh. John Sharp took over a couple of years later

May 1997 – The BCI became an independent membership organization.

January 2001 – The first ever BCAW took place.

January 2001 – The first GPG was launched in response to BCAW.

September 2007- BCI Partnership was launched.

September 2007 – The BCI Certificate was launched, CBCI grade membership.

September 2007 – The first BCI Chapters were put in place

October 2007- Launch of new Continuity Magazine

November 2011 – The BCI Diploma, in affiliation with Buckingham New University was launched.

November 2017 – Launch of Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) 2018 Edition.

March 2018 – Launch of first revamped Continuity & Resilience Magazine with Redactive.

Thank you BCI!

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