4th Transnational Project Meeting TIMS

As a partner of the Erasmus+ project “Training in Innovation Management System for Sustainable SMEs” (TIMS), Sigma Business Network participated in the 4th Transnational Project Meeting and the C2-Learning Activity on October 2nd to 8th in Saragosa, hosted by STPC.

Thirteen participants from the seven partner organizations coming from seven countries (Latvia, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Austria, Romania, Nigeria) attended the meeting.

SMEs constitute the 99% of all enterprises in EU. TIMS aims to help them understand the undeniably importance of innovation, to stay competitive. The project is based on the ISO 56006 and will help all the SMEs regardless of their sector or size to stay innovative and competitive.

The recent meeting spanned two segments. The initial five days were dedicated to an in-depth training on the implementation of Innovation Management System. This included tools and methodologies for fostering Innovation Partnerships, Idea Management, Intellectual Property Management, and Strategic Intelligence Management.

Following the training, we delved into the core aspects of the project, highlighting key takeaways, and outlining the forthcoming steps to ensure the project’s success. This update showcases our commitment to driving innovation and steering the project towards its goals.


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