Multiplier Event for TIMS Project in Athens

On March 14, 2024 in Athens, Sigma Business Network hosted a Multiplier Event for TIMS Erasmus+ Project. The event, attended by 25 participants, focused on Training in Innovation Management System for Sustainable SMEs.

The conference took place by SIGMA and presented among others the results of the TIMS project. A key feature of the event was the introduction of an educational platform for Innovation Managers and SMEs. This platform is designed to teach about implementing Risk Management measures, crucial in today’s rapidly changing.

The results of the TIMS Project presented were:

  1. a Tailored Sell-Assessment Tool for Innovation Management (IM), dedicated to ISO 56000 series;
  2. a Competence Matrix based on Innovation Management ISO series, using the EQF approach and a EU micro-credentials approach;
  3. a Training in Innovation Management System – TIMS COURSE – composed of a set of innovative learning-centred materials and methodologies, adapted to f2f and online modalities;
  4. a conceptual Handbook for “Innovation Managers” with:
  • State Analysis Assessment regarding the ability of companies to adapt Innovation Processes;
  • inspirational case studies and “to-be solved- case-studies”;
  • Risk and Change theories (ISO 31000);
  • a collection of existent Innovation Assessment tools;
  • an “Innovation Strategy” to help “Innovation Agents” in SMEs & micro-enterprises.

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