2nd Transnational Project meeting Osijek RES-FooD

Sigma, in collaboration with partners from Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary, have come together for the ReS-Food Project. Their goal is to address food wastage through an innovative educational platform. The team recently concluded their 2nd Transnational Project Meeting on September 21-22, 2023.

During the meeting, the project members discussed milestones achieved and planned future activities. They analyzed the results obtained so far and outlined the next steps moving forward.

Project Results so far:

ReS-Food Methodological Framework: Partners prepared the Framework that will help target group to design all planning activities required to safely implement Food Distribution into their operations, including a series of steps needed to a successful process.

Next steps:

Framework Testing: A critical phase is the testing of the methodology, leveraging pilot testing surveys for feedback collection to ensure its robustness and relevance.

Creation of “Measure My Food Waste Status”: This self-assessment tool, led by SIGMA, will be designed to offer actionable insights into quantifying food waste. It prioritizes user-friendliness and comprehensive assessment.

Syllabus & Res-Food Course Creation: Partners initiated the syllabus development and specification process in October. The resulting syllabus will be foundational for two distinct courses tailored for both charities and the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

e-Learning Hub Development: Under the guidance of a selected lead, this e-hub will be the primary repository for the project’s content. It’s structured into four primary segments: framework, self-rating tool, curriculum for supermarkets and HoReCa, and a course for charity organizations.

Dissemination & Exploitation: A key phase revolves around promoting the project. Milestones so far include the creation of the ReS-Food website, active engagement on several social media platforms, and the regular distribution of newsletters.

The Road Ahead:

While substantial progress has been made, the consortium is following a schedule of deliverables, ensuring timely completion of every milestone. From finalizing syllabuses and courses to intensive testing and promotion, every partner has defined responsibilities, working cohesively towards the shared vision.


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