1st Transnational Meeting for SMEnergy in Athens

Eleven participants from five partner organisations coming from four European countries attended the 1st Transnational kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ project ‘SMEnergy: Energy Management for SMEs”.

This project kick-off meeting took place in Athens on 10th – 11th March 2022, and was hosted by SIGMA BUSINESS NETWORK.

Key objectives were to present to and discuss in depth with the partners the SMEnergy project, its objectives, project results and expected outcomes. The consortium launched the project activities related to the first two deliverables of the project: 1- Energy Footprint methodology and 2-Self-Rating Tool.

SIGMA, as the Lead Partner, presented the Project Management and Implementation planning, the Financial Management, while Project Quality Management, Dissemination & Sustainability were also explained, and their management in relation to this project was discussed in details.

All partners enjoyed the opportunity to meet in close, socialize and know each other, learn more about the consortium organisations and exchange ideas and thoughts on Energy Management.

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