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We are a proud Corporate Partner of the Business Continuity Institute.
We have direct business partnership framework agreements and have many times teamed with leading global prestigious companies as the ones that are indicatively referred below. Quality of collaboration and solid business partnerships to the benefit of our customers is of our key concern.


from people we worked with

“…Mr. Stamatis Tournis proves himself to be an able subcontractor and a hard worker. He approaches situations with a very creative mind and is a solution-oriented person. Task assignments and projects are always completed on time and to our utmost satisfaction.

Mr. Stamatis Tournis has superior communication skills. He is consistently polite and friendly with strong interpersonal skills. He is well liked and respected by our employees and our customers. His cooperative spirit, his passion for high quality project delivery and his flexible working style make him an outstanding subcontractor for our Business Consulting … “

Manager of Business Consulting
World-leading provider of Telecoms equipment & services

“… he is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his colleagues and work, and is entirely professional, punctual and results driven. He shall be trusted to conduct business professionally and provide results in a timely manner, as well as to be a person that one shall enjoy working with him due to his light humor and high spirit.

Furthermore, his knowledge and extensive experience has allowed him to be considered among the best in his field in Greece and the greater region. He is focused on delivering integrated solutions across the enterprise and corporate arena, offering specialized and project specific advice to support new Business developments and assess existing organization structures…”

Senior Enterprise Architect
World-leading Provider of Information Technology

“…Dr Tournis successfully managed the project, demonstrating a highly professional approach during the execution of his consulting, deep and sound knowledge of his field of expertise, result orientation and quality commitment.
He provided our firm with a personalized service, responding to our organization’s specific business environment, corporate policies, guidelines and operational requirements…”

IT & Business Support Director
World-Leading Tobacco Company

“… In all cases, Dr Tournis proved continuously precious, providing an outstanding Quality and Level of service, through his professionalism, results orientation, his solid & structured approach and deep field knowledge.
We look forward in continuing to utilize Dr Tournis and his high edge Professional Consulting services in the forthcoming future. We also strongly recommend his services to any company, interested in his field of expertise.”

Business Services Director
World-Leading Pharmaceutical Company

“… high analytical thinking, broad experience of analytical equipment and computers software knowledge, and pioneer experience in Risk Management, have been totally instrumental to study and create an excellent system in QA lab and Production dept., which is considered as a best practice example for worldwide manufacturing plants of our firm, and is a hang-up in intranet of corporate Quality Compliance department. Mr Stamatis Tournis team is one of our best performer external collaborators.”

QA & New Products Introduction Manager
World leading Pharmaceutical & Consumer Cosmetics Products Industry

“… We were very pleased with the high standard of work delivered and his professionalism throughout the whole project. He fast traced out and understood our wide-spread business environment requirements, considered all our UK HQs corporate guidelines and standards and successfully covered the project objectives…”

IT Manager
Leading Multinational Automotive Distributor

“… Dr Tournis was in charge of a team that delivered an Integrated Security Program for our company. This program was one of the biggest and most complex in our market, not only due to its size but also due to our specific business model, and was delivered without any deviations whatsoever, within schedule and according to its specifications.
During our collaboration, Dr Tournis team demonstrated their excellent professionalism and cooperation spirit, contributing effectively in the successful implementation of the program. They left us with the best impressions with regards to their know-how and character.
We would unconditionally recommend the use of Dr Tournis’s services to anyone interested in his services portfolio”.

General Director of Informatics and Corporate Research and Development
Leading European Lottery Organization

“… This was a piece of work within pressing timescales, because of the need for our company to present its work to its corporate management. The work undertaken by Dr. Stamatis Tournis was thorough and complete and was delivered as planned.

Dr. Stamatis Tournis was very structured in his approach, clearly explained the steps to be taken and the involvement required of our firm, and delivered against this. The final outcome was thorough, met the objectives of the project and provided real value to us…”

IT Manager
Leading Pharmaceutical Company

“… I would like to express our profound contentment for your efforts and services provided during our Business Continuity Management Project… Your commitment, efforts and high quality of your services are greatly appreciated by everyone in our organization …”


Business Continuity Coordinator
Major Mobile Services Telecom Provider